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Windows 7
I never labeled myself as a gadget girl, but I’ve recently had to give in and admit that I’m addicted to technology. I love anything that makes my life more organized, entertaining and cool. So when the folks at Windows 7 asked me if I wanted to participate in their PC Loaner program so that I could check out Windows 7 and Windows Live tools, I said sure! I can already tell that I’m going to be obsessed with Live Mesh. I love having access to everything I need all the time.
Windows 7
So over the next few months I plan to share tips and tricks with you about Windows 7 that I learn from the Windows 7 team and Ben, the PC guy. I already learned a very cool trick that blew my husband’s mind this weekend. So if you already have Windows 7, did you know:

    Windows Key + Right Arrow: Snap a window to the right of the desktop
    Windows Key + Left Arrow: Snap a window to the left of the desktop
    Windows Key + Up Arrow: Make your active window full-screen
    Windows Key + Down Arrow: If a window is in normal “window mode”, this combo will minimize the window. If your active window is snapped to the side or top of the desktop, this combo will return it to “window mode”.

This is a nifty little trick to have, especially when you have a million windows open like I normally do. So definitely be on the lookout for more info from me about Windows 7 in the future. And if you’re wondering, the loaner PC they sent me is the Lenovo U260 and it’s super lightweight and sleek. I’m already in love with it.

So do you have Windows 7? Anyone on the market for computer? I know I’m already looking to replace my old Macbok.

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    • Yeah I’ve been a Mac owner for years but may be switching over to a PC when my Macbook dies. I’ve been impressed with PCs over the last 2 years, so I may make a switch. Oh and my currents are just abstract red/orange blobs of color. I bought the fabric at Ikea a few years ago and had custom curtains made. Thanks!

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