Wondering Where Are My Outfit Posts?

DWJ Bundled Up

Blame Puxatony Phil, that’s right that little groundhog who said winter wouldn’t last much longer. I’m bundled up in my hat and warm winter coat (after I packed up all my heavy long wool coats) and am not trying to take my coat off in the cold morning air. I’m cold.
DWJ in Tights

I’m also still bundled up in black tights. So until the weather perks up, expect to not see me outside in my outfits. And feel free to kick Puxatony Phil in the butt for me too.

I’m ready for spring.

0 thoughts on “Wondering Where Are My Outfit Posts?

    • I bought them at a place called Duke Et Duchess on Hayes Street in San Francisco for like $12. My aviators had started to slant and I wanted new sunnies on my trip 🙂

  1. I’m so done with the winter right now myself so I completely understand how you feel. I’m not even interested in buying too many spring things until I can actually wear them.

    Love your blog.

    • @Lulu thanks for the blog love. I’m thinking about spring but haven’t done any real shopping because I know it will just sit there. I’m hoping we get spring in our area, sometimes it just goes from winter to full on summer!

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