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pieces of me
It’s rainy and grey this morning. It took everything I had to get out of bed and face the horrible traffic that I knew I was going to spend at least 2 hours in (ugh). So I was lazy and thought I’d take pics of pieces of me this morning.
pieces of me
This skirt is made out of sweatshirt material and is the closest things to wearing pajamas or sweatpants to work – while still looking professional. On a miserable rainy day, I need comfort. And color to perk me up which is why my bright magenta v-neck was added to the mix. I also slicked on a bit of magenta lipstick because my makeup is BASIC today, I was exhausted and not in the mood for elaborate this morning.

Can you tell I hate rainy days? Can’t you just tell I’d rather be in bed napping while the rain hits my window?

But I can admit to at least 1 happy thing. Getting to wear my Hello Kitty wellies in the rain today. That never gets old to me. Seriously.
So how do you perk up a rainy day?

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Pieces of Me

  1. Can i tell you that I LOVE this post. Not the part about the 2hr traffic (yikes) and not about the gloomy weather (yuck) but I love the photos that you took and the way you put them on the page. I really love the fact too that you took a neutral and paired with a pop of color for instant personality! Keep posts like this coming girlfriend…i LOVE THEM!!!

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