How To Accessorize | Circles & Stripes

Stripes & Circles
Here are the things I’ve realized about my wardrobe:

  1. I have to have a great pop of color.
  2. I like to mix graphic prints (stripes with circles, florals and stripes, color blocking or watercolor patterns).
  3. If I’m going to wear something neutral it has to have a graphic print to it in order for me to be okay with basic neutrals.

This is what I wore to work on Friday. I know that I could’ve gone less bright and worn a navy sweater with the red and blue graphic print skirt, but why? I decided to pair red with red and boy did it perk up my Friday. I really do think when I wear color I’m in a better mood.

I love this skirt that I bought at Macy’s last summer. I have no clue what material it is but it’s fairly stiff, so the skirt is almost like a pencil skirt. I love the red and blue print, so I decided to pair it with a blue and white striped tie front blouse that’s a little too big in the arms for me and then cover that up with my red sweater. Love!

Add my navy blue tights and silver flats as my neutral and I’ve got a pretty nice casual Friday kind of outfit that fits these in between temperatures. I’m over the wool skirts, sweaters and heavier pants I have, so I think I’ll be bringing my spring/summer clothes up from the basement and mixing my wardrobe up. I wonder what staples I’m going to need to refresh (definitely more white scoop neck tees) and what I’ll be tossing this year.

Anybody else transitioning their closet yet?

What I’m Wearing: Tie front blouse, Loft | Skirt, Macy’s | Tights, DKNY | Sweater, J Crew Outlet | Shoes, Nine West

Where I’ve Worn it Before:
American GirlShorts Story

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Circles & Stripes

  1. The weather here in Boston is fluctuating between 30 and 60. So some days I am dying to pull out the spring and summer stuff and then other days I’m reaching for sweaters and a scarf. This time of the year is so tricky. But I can’t wait to begin to bring color back into my wardrobe. And I am totally with you – a pop of color is SO my thing! – Katy

    • @Dee Oh thanks for checking me out! I didn’t even realize Essence put my website address in there until I saw it yesterday 🙂 Never know who might come by because of that.

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