I Want | Oster Personal Blender

I’ve been looking at personal blenders for at least a year now. I love the idea of blending directly in a bottle because then I don’t have to clean up the blender AND the container that I poured the drink in.

Lazy? Perhaps.

I’ve been looking lovingly at the Oster Personal Blender, although it’s available at my Walmart, that’s a trip to the store I’m not willing to take. Why does my Walmart appear to be the most chaotic vortex on Earth? I swear all the world’s despair and pain comes to my Walmart, it’s like it’s run by Dementors. But the price is right and as the weather gets warmer I see myself buying lots of strawberries, peaches and bananas and blending with ice and yogurt into something delicious. 

I think I might be buying a blender this weekend…

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