Things That Delight Me {3.25.11}

2010 Cherry Blossom Festival
Despite my cranky demeanor this morning (it’s currently 30 degrees with a prediction of snow on Sunday) and my lack of posts this week, I’m still delighted by several things and I thought I’d share. You know I can’t not post on this blog for long periods of time without missing the interaction of my readers! So here’s what is on my list of lovely things right now.

  • Kenny's 10kMy husband is running his first half marathon on Saturday in DC!
  • Cherry blossoms are already blooming along the tidal basin despite the frigid temperatures. I love with the tidal basin and downtown is covered in pink blossoms. It lets me know that spring will come, even if March is a brutal weather month.
  • Buxom Stay-There eye shadow in St. Bernard has become my go to bold eye color of the moment. I’m obsessed with this vivid shimmering teal and I’ve worn it to work at least 3 times this week. I plan on taking a few pics on how I rock such a bright color and sharing that with you next week AND there are new Stay-There eye shadow shades that I need to show you as well.
  • My Happy Dance playlist has been really lifting my mood the last few days. Nothing makes me feel better than music that makes me wiggle and sing at the top of my lungs.
  • Since I bought my Tucker for Target dress, I’ve now become obsessed with the full priced line and I totally want this dress in my spring/summer wardrobe.

That’s my short list, feel free to tell me what delights you in the comments! And have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be back to blogging on Monday and I have a ton of stuff to talk about.



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