Quoted In April 2011 Essence Magazine

April 2011 Essence Magazine Cover
I’ve gotten several emails, text messages and even a comment from a new reader about my quote in Essence magazine. I was asked what was the best purchase that I ever made and then they have someone who gives advice on that purchase and whether or not it was a smart buy. What made the quote even better was that they listed the link to my website! YAY!

So thanks to Essence magazine for the quote, thanks to anyone who is a new reader to the Art of Accessories because of that quote and definitely pick it up and flip to page 126 to see what was my best purchase. I’ll give you a hint…it’s something I’ve talked about on the blog before!

0 thoughts on “Quoted In April 2011 Essence Magazine

  1. Awesome!!! I’ll have to check it out.I’m curious what your best purchase is. I’m guessing I can figure it out though. I let you know if my suspicions are right!

    I’m in SELF magazine this month. Woohoo. Guess I should mention that on my blog…lol

  2. I was in the Giant to find a magazine to read while I take my bath (my Sunday ritual and my alone time). I choose Essence, and on page 127 I came accross your best buy along with the website. As soon as I stepped out the shower I went straight to the computer b/c I was curious a/b this catchy website. I found a few great items on your website from Lush that I must buy the next time I’m in DC. I live in Columbia, MD so getting there won’t be a problem. (-=

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