How To Accessorize | Winter Returns

Winter ReturnsI’m not happy right now. I woke up to 30 degree temps and the talk of wet snowflakes tomorrow.


I transitioned my wardrobe the other week, so my heavier layers are packed away in a box that I refuse to open but today I needed something warm to wear so I went with long layers in some of my heavier fabrics. Although you can’t see the full shot of this skirt, it’s a heavier knit that falls right below my knee and it has a nice full aline cut to it. I may wear this out this spring, I love it that much. Since I knew I was going to have such a neutral base of olive green and black I decided to add my favorite shade of magenta in my tights, cardigan, nail polish and even in my lipstick! It helps to brighten up what could otherwise be a fairly drab color palette. And whenever I wear olive green I feel compelled to wear my green amber necklace, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

Now if I could just get winter to go away and get spring to come into full bloom, I’d be a much happier blogger.

What I’m Wearing: Skirt, Filene’s Basement | Scoop Neck Tee, Target | Belt, NY&Co | Tights, We Love Colors | Cardigan, August Silk | Shoes, Coach

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Winter Returns

  1. I applaud you for wearing a skirt in this cold weather! I’m in Chicago & winter is beating down on us still. I don’t wear dresses or skirts until the summer. It is BRUTALLY cold here. Very cute, layered look you put together =)

    • @Kim I don’t know how ya’ll do it in Chicago. The husband and I used to say it was one of the cities we could see ourselves living in but it gets colder than a polar bear’s toe nails out there. I can’t do it.

  2. I love this outfit and the fun way your pics show it off. So cute. The pop of magenta in your outfit reminds me of my polish today too. Great minds think alike! =)

    • @Courtney yeah, with this weather it’s easier to take snaps of parts of my outfit and put them all together. It just randomly came to me. I’m sure some folks think that layout might be a bit funky/quirky but it’s very me.

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