How To Accessorize | From the Waist Up

Waist UpFeel free to say this is the epitome of lazy but I only took pictures from the waist up yesterday. HA!

I was just wearing a pair of light brown slacks from the Gap and really, it was all about my eye makeup, my snake skin belt and my big necklace. I’m layering up and wearing pants in this yucky, rainy miserable weather we’re experiencing here and I’m not happy about it one bit.

So the quick details about this look. Since most of my pants are a wide leg or fuller leg pant (to accommodate my fuller thighs), I typically try to keep the top half cinched in at the waist or fairly fitted. I can’t have a blousy top and full bottoms, then I’d just look very puffy – and nobody wants that.

I took my fuller, draped cardigan (another August Silk cardigan) and layered that over a white v neck Tshirt and then belted it with a medium width snakeskin belt. I love this belt and don’t wear it as much as I’d like too. And since I still have a bit of an opening with the cardigan, I added my big silver teardrop necklace to it for some more interest. The only other accessories were my metallic Swatch watch and my colorful eye makeup. And I wore silver loafers too since all my accessories were in the silver family.

Simple, no fuss, professional but still with a bit of personality. Clearly my standard for work is cardigan + belt + slacks when I don’t know what else to wear. What’s your work uniform?

What I’m Wearing: White V neck, Target | Cardigan, August Silk | Necklace, Urban Outfitters | Belt, Loft

0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | From the Waist Up

  1. My ‘go-to’ fail-proof ensemble for work is ALWAYS slacks (slightly boot cut), cardi, simple top underneath. Then for variety I change up the accessories; mid-heels or high, bold jewelry, or a belt. Those simple changes keep the outfits fresh enough that most don’t realize they are the same pieces being used over and over.

    • @Tamarus Yeah I feel like I need a go to uniform and it makes getting dressed so much easier. So many cardigans in my closet, I should be ashamed.

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