Best. Cookies. Ever.

Right before Christmas in 2006 after I bought the house I’m living in now, I was in the grocery store and picked up Cooking Magazine’s Best of Chocolate issue. I figured there would be a multitude of baked goods that I would make from that magazine and help expand my chocolate recipes. So I bought it without hesitation.
In the 5 years since I bought that magazine, I’ve only ever made 1 recipe from it : Brownie Cookies. Or as all my family and friends have so affectionately renamed them, Brookies.
They look like brownies with the glossy crackled top but when you bite into them they’re a deliciously rich and decadent cookie. It’s the best of both worlds. They’re also the first dessert I ever made with bittersweet chocolate (I use 1 bag of the Ghirardelli 60% Cacao chocolate chips for this recipe) and they’re super simple to make. They’ve now become an annual request at the holidays from my husband’s office (the head of his firm usually asks when they will be arriving around the first week in December) and friends always ask if I’m making brookies if they’re coming over for dinner. This is definitely a recipe you need to add to your baking list. YUM!

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