How To Accessorize | Stripes, No Stars

Stars, No StripesI’ve realized that I wear red, white and blue a lot. I prefer navy over black, so I guess it’s a natural color combination, huh? The funny thing is that whenever I wear red, white and blue I feel so classic and American. I’m so patriotic deep down.

I bought this top in February on sale at Filene’s on my lunch break, already thinking about warmer weather. It’s sleeveless and I figured I could wear it underneath a cardigan while it was cooler, but I didn’t pull it out until today. The first super warm day of spring in DC.

I love how this top is cut, the ruching around the waist, the stripes, the pleats, the flowers. There’s  a lot going on but I love how it drapes and hugs my curves in the right places and makes my cleave look pretty good too (always an added bonus).

I figured since the top is so wild I needed to keep the rest of the look pretty classic. Red cardigan and shoes, navy slacks and to still add a bit of me to it I wore my oversized acrylic necklace. I wear this necklace a lot, it’s the camellia pendant by flaura + fauna jewelry. It’s a great statement piece but still feminine and it was my congrats on getting a new job piece of jewelry that I bought myself with my first paycheck. Which makes me love it even more. It’s also from the cutest store in Dupont Circle, Tabletop DC. If I owned a store it would be just like Tabletop. I can’t leave the shop without buying something. Everything is just so whimsical, fun and fantastic!

Do you have a statement piece that you love to wear over and over again? Or is it just me?


0 thoughts on “How To Accessorize | Stripes, No Stars

  1. Recently I have been trending toward pink, teal, and black. However, this may be because these colors are more avaiable than others. However, I love your red, white, blue look!

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