How To Accessorize | Blue Wave

Blue Wave

I have been a bit out of it this week. I’m exhausted, staying late at work and yawning a lot. I was feeling slightly like I was under water so perhaps that’s why I gravitated towards all this blue and ruffles or waves.

I forgot I bought this shirt 50% off on clearance at the Gap a while back but hadn’t worn it yet. My tops seem to all be tanks, so I was trying to beef up my work appropriate shirt collection and this was what was added. I don’t LOVE this top but I don’t loathe it either. It’s one of those in between kind of tops that you grab when your brain can’t really shake the morning haze off and you’re too tired to iron anything that you really want to wear.

The top is a bit full on the bottom so I slapped on a silver belt to help give me a bit more shape…and wrinkles. And because of the ruffles at the neckline I didn’t feel the need to wear a necklace but I popped on a very pretty Swarovski crystal circle bracelet to go with my silver belt. And since the overall tone of this outfit is soft and serene, I threw in my grey leopard kitten heels because they’re what I like to think of as a neutral too.

This outfit summed up my day yesterday too, kind of just quiet with a few wrinkles throughout.

I really can’t wait for the weekend. I’m exhausted. YAAAAAWN…

What I’m Wearing: Top, Gap | Belt, I’ve had for years | Pants, NY&Co | Heels, Aerosoles | Bracelet, Swarovski Crystal | Nail Polish, China Glaze in Salsa | Lipstick, CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Divine

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