A Special Gift

A special gift
Happy Friday! I’m happy for the weekend but I have so much stuff to catch up on, so really I’ll be working for the blog and for the folks at We Heart This (I owe them a monthly post). Speaking of WHT, have you seen my latest post on how to accessorize with bold lipstick colors? You should definitely check it out.

Before I head off for the weekend, I had to share one of the sweetest gifts I’ve gotten in a long time. You guys know I love my initials and I really love personalized jewelry. Well our friends came to town from Kentucky last weekend and my girlfriend SB commissioned this piece of jewelry for me from her sister-in-law. SB always brings me great gifts (evidence of said gifts are seen here and here) and I was tickled pink when I saw this necklace. I don’t own a necklace with my DWJ initials!! I have to admit, I have a small circle of friends, but the are so awesome to me.

Her sister doesn’t have a site up yet, but when she does, I’ll definitely have to share her creations with you guys. Enjoy your weekend everybody!


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