Fashionable Technology | Acme Made iPad Skinny Sleeve

Acme Made iPad Case
I think the folks at Acme Made heard me  rave about Pierre (my iPad) so much that they sent over one of their Skinny Sleeve iPad case in white for me to review. I have a case that I bought when I first bought my iPad that has a zipper pouch on the front to hold my accessories but this is a simple white sleeve to hold Pierre snug as a bug during the day.

Here’s what I love about the iPad Sleeve:

  • The slick and shiny white case is very sleek and modern. Love the clean lines and simplicity.
  • The padding is great, especially since I am constantly tossing my iPad in my bag and I don’t have a screen protector on it and I forget sometimes that I have it in my bag and it keeps dropped more than I’d like to admit.
  • Since there aren’t any zippers on the case it’s very convenient to slide it in and out of the case and out of my bag.
  • The neoprene on the inside helps protect it from water and whatever elements might get to my iPad.
  • The price is pretty decent compared to other iPad sleeves, $35 isn’t too bad to protect my most precious piece of technology.

What I didn’t love:

  • Because I carry a few items with my iPad I just wish it had a pocket or pouch to store just a few things.
  • I love the glossy white but wish it came in a rainbow of colors because I really love color. Can’t you just see this sleeve in magenta?

I definitely think the Acme Skinny Sleeve is a great option for an iPad and other versions for different eReaders! So if you have an iPad or eReader, how do you keep it protected?

0 thoughts on “Fashionable Technology | Acme Made iPad Skinny Sleeve

  1. I really like this! I currently use my ipad cover and a cute little pouch I got from 5 and below. And the price is awesome as well but I need color not just black and white 😦 Hopefully they will more offer colors soon!

    • And seeing as how my iPad got stolen right after this post, I’ll be ordering myself a purple one as soon as my new iPad 2 arrives next week! Glad the additional colors were introduced!

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