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Bright & BoldHow is today Thursday? This week is flying by me! It’s been flying by so quickly that I haven’t taken any pictures of my outfits this week BUT I still had an outfit hold over from last week that I never got a chance to post.

This outfit is from the last day I wore black tights. I’ve retired my black tights, actually all tights, because whether Mother Nature believes it or not it’s April and if I’m wearing a dress I’m wearing it with bare legs. I’m just done with covering up and my legs need a bit of sunlight (or I need to airbrush them again).

As spring warms up and throughout the summer I pretty much wear dresses. After May I even give up on jeans on the weekends, it’s just too much material when the weather hits the 70s and up. My favorite types of dresses to wear are jersey dresses because they’re comfy, hold their shape well and the colors are usually so vivid and bright in jersey. This dress is a Calvin Klein jersey shirt dress that I picked up at TJ Maxx a while ago. Without the belt it could make me look a bit like a shapeless blob but the red belt helps bring in the extra material and give me a waist.

Since I was wearing black tights it was clearly still cold, so I threw on a layering tee underneath just so I wasn’t freezing at my desk at work. And for a bit of graphic pop, I added my Coach ballet flats. I love how these flats look but I swear Coach ballet flats rub the sides of my feet in the most awkward placed. This may be my last pair of Coach flats.

What I also love about spring and summer dressing is that I have shorter sleeves so my bangles can finally make an appearance. YAY! I’m not as bangled up as my cousin Amelia usually is (she truly has stacking bangles down to a science) but I’ll layer on a bit of bling to help brighten up my day.

So this is about to be my spring uniform. What’s yours?

What I’m Wearing: Dress, Calvin Klein (TJ Maxx) | Belt, Marshalls | Tights, We Love Colors | Ballet flats, Coach (Filene’s Basement) | Bracelets, Swarovski | Necklace, Tabletop DC

0 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | Bright & Bold

  1. This look is TERRIFIC! Like you, I have retired my tights (as well as my heavy leggings). If I had to choose a spring uniform, it would probably be crops and cute top (with accessories galore.) Thanks for sharing your looks, I’ve picked up some great ideas from you.

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