A Fabulous Bargain From TJ Maxx

Think Thru Fashion

I had to share a fabulous bargain that I scored and that you will see several outfits from in the future, consider this your preview.

This is a silk DKNY shirt, original price $175. I scored it at TJ Maxx for $30. Um…THAT’S AMAZING. Add the reason I was drawn to it, it’s my favorite shade of green ever. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Have you scored any bargains lately?

0 thoughts on “A Fabulous Bargain From TJ Maxx

  1. Love the whole outfit. That’s my favorite green as well. This weekend I scored a few bargains. I bought 3 cardigans and 2 tops from Banana Republic for $90.

  2. I love this color combo, and I absolutely love TJ Maxx! I went there this weekend and picked up an Evan Picone black cocktail dress for $30 that was originally over $80. T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s have also become my go-to stores for Calvin Klein dresses (which I’ve seen at Ross as well) where they normally sell for around $40. I like your necklace as well. Very cute!

    • @Sabrina the necklace is from a place called Tabletop DC in Washington DC’s Dupont circle. I may have a link in one of my posts to it. I love that necklace.

  3. Black and white is one of my reliable go to looks. I’m actually pairing it today with yellow and just might take a few pictures for a future blogpost. The green is a great shade on you. I need a more springy/sumemrish green in my life. I make up words. It’s the teacher in me.

    • @Kerissa green is my happy color. It’s in my house, in my office, in my closet – green gives me good vibes. This shirt makes me happy beyond belief.

  4. My last big bargain you ask? A beautiful navy and blue, sleeveless, fabric-belted, just-short-of-mid-knee dress that originally retailed for $89.50 went home with me along with change from the $20 bill I paid with! I’ll wear it for the first time in May to our university’s student chapter NAACP Image Awards with some slammin’ heels that cost me 40 bucks…

    Any chance you’ll blog about the dress in this pic? I would love to see it on it’s own, who’s line it’s from, etc…

  5. @Tamarus Yeah there’s a post about that coming…I actually took pics of this outfit for another blog but loved my bargains so I had to share. And the dress is a no name thing I found at TJ Maxx but it fits me perfectly.

  6. Fabulous shirt and the entire look is gorgeous! Yup, great deals. I have scored anything lately… been on a little shopping hiatus. Haven’t even open my shopittome emails!

    BTW: Saw your info in Essence and clicked on over to say hello. Love your blog.

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