Happy Weekend

I don’t know how today is Friday. I don’t know how this week has blown by me. Work has been hectic and I’ve had a bit of a stomach bug lately, so when I do have some free time I just want to lay down and chill out. I think I need a food/beverage detox and hopefully that’ll make my stomach happy.

Despite being exhausted and feeling a bit under the weather I’m happy that it’s the weekend. Yesterday I took my first of 3 knitting classes at Stitch DC – YAY! I got classes for half off with a Groupon and I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit. My first class I did not rock it out BUT I have a great teacher and I have confidence. I also have a drive to NYC this weekend for a wedding and to see family, so I’ll have a few hours to test out my knitting while the husband drives.

I’ll be in NYC for about 36 hours this weekend – which means I’ll be exhausted on Monday morning. Why are our trips always so quick? I blame the husband. But I always feel inspired and creatively rejuvenated a bit whenever I go to NY. Hopefully I can take some good pictures and perhaps I’ll do a post on how I pack for a long weekend.

Oh and a good thing for you, I’ll be doing a giveaway on Monday for a Shop Suey Society piece! So come back for something fun to win! And feel free to tell me what fabulous things you have planned for this weekend. I’d love to know!

0 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Hi DWJ! I was just reading your blog post for today and was so happy when you said that you might do a post on how to pack for the weekend. Yes, please do that! I’m going to be traveling to Pittsburgh, PA in June to visit my mom, and I’m already stressing out about what I’m going to wear and what I should pack. Any advice you could give would be excellent!


  2. A post on packing would be lovely! In this day and age of bag surcharges with the airlines, I can use all the help I can use. Thanks in advance, you’re the best!

  3. This seekend my mom graduated with her BS from my (well now our) alma later. I’m still beaming with pride. Downside to the visit is they are always quick and the actual trip one way is about 12 hours. Exhausting to the 10th power.

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