My Weakness for Green

I have a weakness for color, specifically the color green. The most searched terms on my blog are for color and color wheel – clearly you all come to me because you know I love color. Lately I’ve been dreaming about oxfords and lace up shoes that have a more masculine feel to them and then I stumbled up on the ASOS Markey Suede Traditional Brogues in the most perfect shade of Kelly green I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t purchased anything from ASOS (wasn’t really up for international shipping and returns) but I’m kind of having love first sight with these brogues right now.They’re green gorgeousness and I can totally see them with jeans now and in the fall with black tights and dresses.

I think I need to purchase these ASAP because if I don’t and I go back and they’re gone, I’ll be beyond sad.

This weakness for green really is a problem.

0 thoughts on “My Weakness for Green

  1. So cute! Shipping/returns are free from ASOS. I’ve ordered from them a number of times and shipping doesn’t take that long.

  2. These shoes (to quote a ‘bestie’ , “Are the stuff!!!!” I seldom go for flats as I have a problem with finding ones that fit my archless feet well, but I REALLY want a pair of these. Thanks for sharing.

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