Bold Choices

Weekend Wear
I bought these Jeffrey Campbell wedges in February, because I knew they’d sell out before the weather got warm and they were just a gorgeous shoe. I ordered them online and found them to be even more fabulous in person they were online. The perforated suede really is soft and luxurious and they’re worth every penny I spent on them BUT I was leery about wearing them to work.

My job has a way more conservative dress code than I’ve had to follow in years. No denim of any kind – ever. If our CEO had his way, the men would wear suits and ties everyday. I know my bold color choices stand out from the rest (hello lilac nail polish and a bright green dress) but I’m always dressed professionally. I’ll wear a shift dress but it might be turquoise. My footwear choices can be considered by some, a bit wild.

I decided today that I would bite the bullet. My dress is blue and cream and was screaming for a great pop of red to liven it up (I would’ve taken pics of the entire ensemble but I can’t seem to find the remote control to my camera) and the wedges were calling my name. So I gave in…

And I’ve gotten rave reviews all morning long. So perhaps I was psyching myself out? I’m going to try my best not to do that and wear what I love with confidence, but that’s always easier said that done.

So tell me, what are you too afraid to wear at work?

0 thoughts on “Bold Choices

  1. Oh I want those shoes!
    I work an Arts College and despite the creativity the students are allowed, our staff dress code is completely stuffy. No denim. Cleavage and capri-length pants are frowned upon. Everyone dresses so corporate-like and boring. I wore a blazer with 80s padded shoulders. You should’ve seen the looks I got. Another day, I wore a horizontal striped maxi dress with a belted cardigan. Again looks like I was walking around nude or something. Its so sad.

  2. DWJ – thanks so much for this post! In reading your blog, I always feel inspired to use color in my fashion in new and different ways – at work and on the weekends. Even my husband has noticed that I’ve been wearing lots of color lately, and he’s really liking it. Thanks for being such a wonderful and unique inspiration!

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