Going Back to an Old Favorite | Lush Body Butter Bars

Sometimes afer all the products I’ve tried, after everything I’ve fallen in love with, I find myself going back to an old standard. As the spring weather ushered itself in my skin seemed to just reject all lotion and moisture and by noon I was dry and itchy all over again. What’s a girl to do? I popped on over to Lush this weekend while in NYC and grabbed a King of Skin Body Butter Bar to help sooth my skin like nothing else I’ve ever tried.

If you’re an Art of Accessories reader who has been with me since the beginning you will remember that the Lush Buffy Body Butter Bar was the first Friday’s Fabulous post I ever wrote.

I forget about Body Butter bars alot because the closest Lush shop to me is in Georgetown and it’s a pain to find parking, so I never go. I know I could order them online but part of what I love the most about Lush is going in store for that fragrant smell and to test out other products while I’m in the store. So when I remembered there was a Lush around the corner from where I was in NYC and I had a little time to kill I popped on over. And this morning when I added this to my shower routine, my skin thanked me.

0 thoughts on “Going Back to an Old Favorite | Lush Body Butter Bars

  1. I love lush my favorite product is the Ocean Salt it’s a scrub that does my legs good this time of year. I use it once or twice I week to keep my skin bright. I also love there massage bars my honey loves them too!

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