This & That

Daniblack slingbacks
This is a random smattering of things that I’ve been thinking about in the last 24 hours, but I thought I’d share.

  • I’m in love with these shoes. I saw them while reading a Real Simple magazine (I think) a few weeks ago. They were sold out online and then I randomly saw them on Rue La La. I’ve never purchased anything from any of the sample sale sites but when I saw these shoes on the site at almost half the price that they were online I immediately put them in my cart. I love the architectural shape of the heel and the green pop of color. I hope to wear these all summer long with everything I possibly can. When accessories speak to me, I jump on them.
  • I’ve been DVRing the last season of Oprah and yesterday I wanted to watch the Ralph Lauren episode before I went to bed. First let me say, for 71 years old, Ralph Lauren is cool as all hell. Seriously. You have to give that man props but I’m sure if I had bajillions of dollars I too would look that cool as I got older. The other thing that blew my mind on that episode were his teepees on his Colorado ranch. Yes, you read that correctly. I wrote teepees. If you haven’t seen them, I found another blog that has pictures of the teepees up and they’re insane. I mean, who has teepees that are fully furnished and styled in their backyard? Ralph Lauren, that’s who.
  • You all know I’m an avid iPad lover and many of you have told me you own them as well now. Did you know that many of the Conde Nast magazines like Glamour and Allure will give you a free subscription to the tablet edition of their magazines if you subscribe to the print version too? I have a Glamour and Allure subscription through 2012 and wasn’t going to cancel but also wasn’t going to double pay for an iPad subscription. This totally made my day yesterday.
  • My 8th wedding anniversary is next week. Wedding anniversaries are the kind of thing no one but you and your spouse remember – which is fine with me – but I love celebrating that day more than my birthday. And although we had a major wedding and then a very fun Vegas wedding renewal a few years ago, I keep thinking about what my wedding and wedding dress would be like if I got married now. I may share my sketches next week.

I know, that was a smattering of randomness but they were things that were at the top of my head. What’s new with you?

0 thoughts on “This & That

  1. I saw the Oprah episode of Ralph Lauren and those teepees were so different! I can’t wait to see his daughter’s dress that he is designing 🙂

  2. These shoes are awesome. I love how the heel is architectural too. I bet they are comfy to walk in too since you have a stable platform.

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