One Pot Wonder

Crumbs & Creativity | Turkey, Spinach & Canellini Beans

Can you believe that I cooked?! I know, I know…I don’t do that very often lately. That’s the one thing about being employed full time again, I don’t have enough time or energy to do it all. What I am working on is finding a better balance with life but it’s hard and we all know that. I’m aiming to work from home at least once a week so that I can be home and cook starting at 5pm. When I did that last week I made a blueberry crumble cake, cooked pork chops in apple cider vinegar AND made avocado hummus. You get a lot done in just a few short hours. This weekend I was home alone, the husband was out of town and I had the house to myself so I decided to cook something. Eating out has not made my stomach very happy and I was watching that show Five Ingredient Fix on the Food Network and Claire made an interesting dish with ground turkey, spinach and cannellini beans. I decided to replicate it and add some additional items to it. Crumbs & Creativity | Turkey, Spinach & Canellini Beans Ingredients:

  • 1lb of ground turkey meat 
  • 1 can of cannellini beans
  • half a bag of washed spinach
  • 1/2 cup of chicken stock or broth garlic
  • 1 yellow onion poultry seasoning
  • salt & pepper
  • olive oil

How I Made It:

I chopped up the onion and sweat it out a bit in my new large pan with a lid (the husband found me this great pan at TJ Maxx for $15 since my old pan was on it’s last leg). I added a lot of garlic to the onions and then tossed in my ground turkey. I seasoned it heavily with poultry seasoning (because everyone always has a ton in their pantry and never uses it) and salt and pepper. I let that brown nicely. Once the turkey browned up I added the chicken stock to get all the bits up and let that cook down a bit. Then I tossed in a rinsed can of beans and then put in about half a bag of fresh spinach on top. I let that wilt down but not too much – I didn’t want to zap all the nutrients out. And that’s it!

It was a quick mash-up of flavors that I love but it was so tasty and quick. I’ll definitely be making this one again. I need some more one pot wonders to add to my list of quick dishes. Yum!

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