Swatch Watches & Revelations

Got an early anniversary present! A new @swatchus! YAY!
The husband and I don’t do big gifts on our anniversary, but this year he did give me a new Swatch. YAY! If you didn’t know, I already own a large collection of Swatch watches, so this is just adding to my constantly growing collection. I fell in love with the zebra print band and the green face and I thought this was a wonderful anniversary surprise. I also thought it was hilarious that my husband bought me a Swatch.

I’ve been wearing Swatch watches since I was 10. I used to lose watches and my Mom bought me my first Swatch in the 5th grade and said if I lost that watch she wouldn’t buy me another one but if I kept it and took care of it I could get a Pop Swatch for my birthday the following year. I guess all I needed was a little motivation and every year since I was 10 I’ve gotten at least 1 Swatch a year. It was the beginning of an obsession.

In high school I was known for wearing my Pop Swatches on my clothing and by then I had more than a dozen different watches. Having a Swatch became my signature thing, I always had on a colorful and fun watch to compliment my outfit or my mood. When I started dating my husband after college he told me that I needed a grown up watch and he bought me a very nice (but boring) Kenneth Cole watch for a birthday present. I obliged him and wore it, but it wasn’t me and it quickly ended up at the bottom of my jewelry box underneath a mountain of Swatches and we never really talked about it.

My husband was in NYC over the weekend and popped into the Swatch store in Times Square to buy me the watch I had been talking about for months now. He hadn’t bought me a watch since we first started dating 11 years ago and he told me when he walked into that Swatch store he realized it was so me. He even apologized for trying to change my watch style by making me wear a more conservative watch years ago when they didn’t really fit my personality. He finally got it and realized why I love my Swatches so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I have other watches that are more formal or aren’t Swatches and I have some very professional Swatches but at the end of the day I want what I want. I love my Swatches because of the memories they provide (each one has a story behind it) and that they really do encapsulate my personality. And although it only took him 11 years together and 8 years married to figure it out, I’m glad he finally understood a small aspect of my style.

Do you have a favorite accessory that just expresses who you are better than anything else? I’d love to know.

0 thoughts on “Swatch Watches & Revelations

  1. In high school my signature thing was the velour suit (remember when those were hot?) I started with the Juicy Couture suits and then branched out, to the point I could go over a month wearing only velour/terry suits to school without duplicating! Those were so me…and now I’m reminiscing/contemplating bringing them back

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