The Madness In My Makeup

Makeup Mess
I’m fortunate that I have my own bathroom to fill up with all the hair and beauty products I want. It serves as a guest bathroom on occasion but on a daily basis it is where I primp before heading off to work each day. This is the current state of my bathroom.

It’s a mess. An absolute mess.

I try my best to keep it organized – you can’t even see the tower that holds foundations, blushes, bronzers and eye shadows. But lately it has gotten out of hand. Between my own purchases, PR folks sending me items to sample and just not having the time to sort through it all or take pictures it has now become this mess that I can barely sort through. I have got to get it under control!

Does anyone else have a bathroom that looks as horrible as this? Please make me feel a bit better.

0 thoughts on “The Madness In My Makeup

  1. Don’t feel bad, your makeup is WAY more organized than mine! I don’t have a bathroom full of it cause I have to share my bathroom, but I have a vanity that is overflowing with makeup and every weekend I tell myself I will organize it and every weekend goes by and I just don’t get to it! I can’t find anything that I don’t wear everyday! So don’t feel bad at all.

    • I think I need to get a taller tower to help store it all. I know my husband is thinking I’m ridiculous with all that makeup but at least he always thinks I look pretty πŸ˜‰

    • It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. I can never decide what exactly I want to wear! Too many options and not enough time every morning.

      • you could try to decide the night before, actually do you decide what you wear in the morning or the night before? You always look great and I can’t make any decisions before my coffee!

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