Summer Skin Savers

I am always thankful for the compliments I get on my complexion. I work hard at trying to keep my skin clear and looking fresh. I’ve been asked a lot in the recent weeks what I do in regards to skin care for summer and what type of SPF I use, so I thought I’d share what I use on a daily basis.

I live for Coppertone Sensitive Skin Faces sunscreen all year round. I don’t just slather on the sunscreen in the summer, it’s an everyday thing for me. I find that the Coppertone Faces is fairly sheer (you know how sometimes sunscreen can give you that blue tint, you don’t want that), blends in nicely and doesn’t break me out. It’s an SPF 50 and I usually apply it after I’ve applied a light oil free facial moisturizer before. If I know I’m going to play golf or be outdoors later in the day, I toss it in my bag and reapply in the afternoon. I’m trying to keep my complexion bright and healthy and sunscreen is definitely a big part of that for me on a daily basis.
loreal studio secrets primer
The second step in my beauty routine (and sometimes last step) is applying L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets No. 1 Magic Perfecting Base, I’ve found that especially in the summer it helps to control my shine without leaving me feeling dried out. I test out and switch between a lot of makeup primers but I’ve found that I always go back to this base, it really leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and I’m not greasy and shiny at the end of the day. I like to buy 2 jars of it when it’s on sale at Walgreens or CVS (buy 1 get 1 half off) because it’s definitely a staple that I keep in my beauty stash. It leaves my skin so flawless that sometimes I only apply the base and don’t worry about any other makeup. It’s that good, seriously.

My other secret? I try to drink a lot of water. When all else seems to fail, flushing my system with water and staying hydrated seems to the do the trick.

Those are my top 3 things that I use everyday to help keep my complexion looking it’s best – what are your summer beauty secrets?

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  1. argan oil! i swear by it! weird concept at first to use oil and a combo normal/oily skin but it’s amazing. i use it both at night and pre makeup. the josie maran one is great but super $$.

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