Shop Suey Society | The Elizabeth Necklace

Green Summer Chic
It’s time for another installment of my monthly Shop Suey Boutique accessories review. This month the Shop Suey Society is going with summer chic accessories and I went for the The Elizabeth Necklace.

For me, summer is all about easy and light dressing, so lots of cotton and jersey dresses and sandals. My wardrobe choices when it’s warm are pretty simple but that can also be interpreted as too casual looking. So I try to dress up my dresses with great accessories. One of my favorite accessories for summer are fun statement necklaces and I though that the Elizabeth necklace was right up my alley.
Green Summer Chic
Multiple green stones and hammered gold tone discs give it a lot of interest and great texture. I also love the two tiered look of the necklace too – I like to make a statement folks so I try to get multiple layers or big chunky pieces. The necklace is light and pretty and very feminine and it went perfectly with one of my favorite wrap dresses for summer (that you’ve seen previously paired with another statement necklace). And despite everyone’s complaints about the heat and humidity, I’m soaking it all in. I’d much prefer this over the 3 back to back blizzards we had a few years ago.

Don’t forget, with the code ART20 you get 20% off of your full priced items at Shop Suey Boutique – which isn’t bad since the Elizabeth Necklaces is only $28! Don’t forget to check out Shop Suey Boutique’s blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

0 thoughts on “Shop Suey Society | The Elizabeth Necklace

  1. I love this necklace! It’s got everything a great statement necklace needs. 1)it’s layered, 2) it’s chunky, 3)i’ts visually interesting!! Love it!!!!!

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