Bold Color Choices, As Usual

cobalt & neon When I look at the back end of this website it’s interesting to find out what search terms people used to get to The Art of Accessories. I’m always surprised that most of the search terms have something to do with color! Color wheel is one of my most popular search terms and it got me to thinking that maybe I need to add color categories to the blog…hmmmm.

Yesterday I had the full intention of taking a few snaps of my outfit after I made dinner. And then I spilled have of my delicious dinner down the side of my dress as I was walking to the table. I was so hungry too. Oh well. Instead what I decided was to show you the color palette I was wearing because that’s really all I wanted to illustrate. And I got a lot of compliments and comments about how vivid the colors were.

You’ve seen me in this bright blue shirt dress before, and I’ve paired it with black and red. Yesterday I decided to add touches of neon yellow for fun. I carried my neon satchel courtesy of The Leather Satchel Co (and don’t think I forgot, their US Amazon store is still coming and I will post more details!) and I found a neon yellow skinny belt from the Gap a few weeks ago that matches the bag to perfection. They are a match made in heaven and I thought, why not add them with bright blue? Yellow and blue are complimentary and I like vibrant color palettes. I also painted my nails China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires, which matched my dress as well. I painted my nails before I picked out my outfit for the day but I’m pretty sure the nails were what influenced my sartorial decisions.

Some of the compliments I got on the color combination were that my color palette was vivid and rich and very unexpected. I even had a woman on the street tell me how refreshing she thought my color combination was and that made me smile. Clothing should be fun and I love to use color to lift my mood and perk me (and apparently others) up.

So that’s my color story of the day, what colors are YOU wearing?

0 thoughts on “Bold Color Choices, As Usual

  1. What a BEAUTIFUL color combination! I, too, am rocking blue today, a cobalt blue (they call it Amplified Blue) scoop neck, stretch tank dress dress along with an off-white cardigan covered with water-color-type splotches of colors ranging from that same shade of blue to a pale sky blue, light beige, and slate gray fading to a soft pale gray both from NY&Company. It’s both bright and peaceful at the same time. I absolutely LOVE the way you combine colors and you have inspired me to invest in a color wheel so that my mixing and matching can have some direction!

  2. I love this blue polish color. I’d love to see a pic of it actually on if you have one. That blue just pops and I bet will look awesome with your skin tone! Great color combination!

  3. I just grabbed a coral color from China Glaze and was impressed by the quality of the product and its longevity on my nails! This blue polish is stunning – I might need to add this to the collection! And you are right it goes amazing when paired with the neon yellow that is EVERYWHERE now! – Katy

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