I’m Cooking Again!

I’ve been back to cooking again because honestly, I need to lose some weight. I’ve been lazy and grabbing food I don’t need instead of doing what I do best, cooking good things that I love. Finding my life balance is a struggle, I haven’t worked out at all this week but I have cooked a lot and have had some delicious lunches and dinners.

A few of my favorites and food discoveries lately have been:

  • Made fresh guacamole and then made the most delicious nachos last night for dinner. Cooking up the meat for the nachos with garlic, onions, peppers and all kinds of fresh seasoning made them DELICIOUS! I was craving nachos and this was way healthier and tastier than anything I could get at a restaurant.
  • When I went to NYC in May my girlfriend Rachel introduced me to shallots when she made a Portobello mushroom risotto (pictured below)! She also gave me the urge to make risotto one weekend because it was just so good. I’ve had it in a restaurant but I haven’t made it before and now I want too.
  • Shallots are my best friend. They’re like a piece of garlic and a red onion that had a baby – why have I not used these before?! I made an amazing miniature frittata with shallots, Portobello mushrooms, asparagus and thyme to eat at work. I’ve been starting my mornings off right.
  • I didn’t go to the gym yesterday so that I could go home and slow roast a pot of Spicy Dr. Pepper Pork. I think that was the right choice.
  • I made a batch of Avocado Hummus after seeing a recipe for it in Everday Food – definitely a new twist on an old favorite will have to make it again.

These are just a few nuggets of my food related life and hopefully I’ll start remembering to take some pics while I’m cooking. This weekend, I think we’re going to attempt to make Brisket. The husband has been watching too many shows about BBQ. Wish me luck! 

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