My Weekend, Watch & Manicure

A Kodak Moment
Well I had a fun weekend, how about you?

My family took a quick trip up to New York so that my Dad could take a picture with his picture on the Kodak billboard. Apparently, Kodak considers him to be one of the ‘Greatest Dads in the World’ and he loved that it kept saying that on the screen. I have to admit, it was really fun and cool to get a picture of him with his picture on a billboard it was a fun way to spend Father’s Day.

Since we were in NY and in Times Square my husband suggested that I go into the Swatch Store…because I really needed someone to make me go into the Swatch store 😉
New Swatch
I picked up one of the Lady Collection Swatches in a lovely light aqua shade. I had been battling between buying this watch and the zebra print Swatch my husband gave me for our anniversary last month. I guess it’s not a battle anymore since I have both! Even my father picked up a Swatch and bought and very gorgeous Dreambrown, a men’s chronograph watch. The chocolate brown color on the face in the links is so rich, it really is a beautiful watch. And my Lady Collection watch in Arctic Sea is just as dainty and pretty as his watch is masculine and heavy.

I also decided to paint my nails with Essie Greenport so that they would coordinate with the new watch. They do match very nicely, the polish is just a shade darker than the watch. Perhaps next time I’ll pair it with Essie’s Turquoise and Cacos to get an exact match.

That’s my quick weekend wrap-up and Monday’s Manicure (I haven’t done one of those in a long time), what did YOU do this weekend?

0 thoughts on “My Weekend, Watch & Manicure

  1. Aww what an amazing way to celebrate Father’s Day! And OK, my mom bought me this really cute hot pink Swatch like watch from Nordstrom for christmas and I have yet to wear it but, now I want your watch. love the color and everything.

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