Pixi Beauty Week of Makeup

Pixi Week of Makeup
Forgive me. I’ve had this gorgeous makeup kit for weeks and have yet to tell you about it. When the folks behind Pixi Beauty sent me the Pixi Week of Makeup kit I was pretty excited. In the 3+ years since I start this blog, my feelings about palettes and kits has slowly started to warm up as I’ve realized there are some great kits out there.

And the Week of Makeup kit is pretty awesome.
Pixi Week of Makeup
The kit comes with 21 eye shadows, 7 cheek colors and 8 lip glosses that are laid out by the days of the week. Giving you a soft and subtle look for Sunday and building up to more fun and dramatic looks by Friday. This little box (that retails for $34, which is a pretty great price for so much stuff) packs a lot into such a small package.

I will admit there are 2 blushes that are a bit too light for me, so perhaps if you’re browner than me this might not be the kit for you. But I love the eye shadow colors, the deeper blush tones and the glosses are just as nice as the gloss by Pixi I reviewed previously. I had full intentions of taking pictures of my looks with this beauty kit everyday for a week but I’ve been taking pictures of others and not of myself lately. Hopefully I can still do that just to show you how pretty the entire palette is, but for now you’ll have to take my word for it. The Pixi Beauty Week of Makeup kit is great, especially for tossing in your bag for vacation.

Have you tried any Pixi Beauty products yet?

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