In Need of Summer Wardrobe Staples | White Jeans

For the last two summers I’ve lived with pay cuts or unemployment, so my summer wardrobe upgrades were slim to none. Now as I’m hitting full summer heat I’m realizing that 1. my summer work wardrobe is very slim 2. what I do have needs to be upgraded or replaced.

I’m in need of a new summer wardrobe.

When I started my new job in November 2010 I spent $500 on a fall/winter wardrobe that was very work appropriate and really did me well for the cold weather. Pencil skirts, slacks, cardigans and lots of tights. There are a few transitional pieces that carried me into the brief spring we had in DC but now I’m realizing I need some summer staples for weekend and workday wear. Although I love fashion, I hate having to rebuild my wardrobe. Sigh…

I’ve got a running list of items that I want to purchase. The majority of them are dresses and skirts that will be cool enough for a weekend BBQ but dressed up when adding a cardigan, belt and a statement necklace. But lately I’ve been thinking about grabbing a pair of white jeans. Traditionally after Memorial Day hits I do not wear pants for the rest of the summer but on a day like today when it’s breezy and the humidity is low I would love a crisp pair of white jeans (for weekend) or wide leg white slacks (for work) with a great pop of color on top. I already own these Merona jeans from Target in a light blue for the weekends, so perhaps I need to swing by Target on my way home to see if they have these white jeans in my size…and a maxi dress for the hot holiday weekend.

What are your summer wardrobe staples?

0 thoughts on “In Need of Summer Wardrobe Staples | White Jeans

  1. Yes, white jeans are on my list too! Another must have for me, living in the Caribbean, is the white linen pant. You can do a lot of funky things with a good pair šŸ˜‰

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