I’ve Given in to China Glaze Crackle

Crackle Manicure
The other day my girlfriend J called me and the conversation went a little like this:

J: I’m in love with shatter/crackle polish.
Me: Huh?
J: I’m in love with that nail polish that cracks all over your fingers. You’ve got it right?
Me: Oohhhh! No. Not a single bottle.
J: What? How do I have it and you don’t?!

Ironically when I got my hair cut on Friday my stylist asked me how come I didn’t have the crackle polish and she did. I don’t get EVERYTHING in the world of beauty, folks. I know I have a lot of stuff, but again I don’t get everything. And a lot of times when it comes to polish I like to read nail polish blogs like All Lacquered Up to see what they have to say about new nail collections. So I decided to take the plunge and pick up 2 bottles of the new China Glaze Metallic Crackle (because the standard colors have been sold out at my local Sally Beauty but they told me to come back on Sunday for the Metallics).
Crackle Manicure
Since I picked up China Glaze Oxidized Aqua Crackle Glaze Metal I decided I should really make the color pop so I put it on top of OPI by Sephora in I’m Wired, a bright coral creme. The results were pretty cool and now I want to layer this aqua metallic crackle over a dark navy or teal to see what it looks like with dark and sparkle mixed together.

It’s a fun alternative to my traditional manicure and next I’ll have to try it on m toes. I also picked up a gold shade of the crackle glaze, so we’ll see how that goes next. But have any of you tried the crackled polish look? What do you think about it?

0 thoughts on “I’ve Given in to China Glaze Crackle

  1. i have the OPI shatter in black & silver. i like them — but not love. i prefer the black over the silver. i’m not sure if i’m just applying too much of it but it tends to look goopy. i also use a top coat to up the shine factor. out of all the new nails trends lately i’m partial to the sally hansen nail stickers– those puppies last forever! almost 2 weeks and the patterns are so cool.

    • I love the Sally Hansen stickers too! I will say with the crackle you need a thin, light and even coat. I did think it was a bit thicker in the bottle but I chalked that up to whatever they put in it to make it crackle like that.

  2. I think the crackle looks cute on you! I’ll probably stick to my white nails though πŸ˜‰ I just looked over the Sally Hansen stickers, very cute!

  3. I have the Opi black shatter, and as Mel B said, it’s nicer with a shine coat over it. I haven’t tried the silver, but I think I would like the black better anyway. My fave is with it over a really pretty bright purple.

    • Yup, I applied Seche Vite top coat on my nails. I didn’t even consider not applying a top coat. I think that’s why I can’t get behind the matte nail trend.

  4. I have the Sephora by OPI shatter in black and the OPI shatter in silver and white. The Sephora version went on smoother than the regular OPI versions. I’ve worn the black shatter over white polish, the white shatter over hot pink polish and the silver shatter over baby blue polish. Of the three, I liked the black over white the best. I’m going to experiment with different color combinations.

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