Getting Crafty | Stitch DC

Stitch DC
In the spring I bought a Groupon to take knitting lessons at Stitch DC. I wanted to learn how to knit for a long time but never really understood it by reading and thought I needed visual help. I loved my class, loved my instructor and loved how cute the store was.
Stitch DC
Stitch DC
I loved it all so much so that when I saw another Groupon to take the Knitting 201 class I immediately purchased it and then signed up for the earliest session I could get! I go back to class for the next 3 weeks starting today!
Stitch DC
I learned how to knit and pearl and to make a basic scarf and hat (that’s 1 of my first scarves above, my finished product is a bright orange) but I never finished my hat. I’ve always got time to finish the hat, knitting is the kind of thing that you can do over long periods of time and I have a feeling I’ll be knitting some scarves and hats for the holidays while I’m watching TV on the weekends.

I love being able to make things and get creative. It can feel so empowering and cool to do this kind of stuff and to see some of the major projects other folks knit like sweaters and massive blankets gives me something to aspire to one day down the road.

If you’re in DC and you want to learn how to knit or you know how and want to get yarn I highly suggest Stitch DC, they’re a warm and welcoming little shop in Barrack’s Row.

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