My Current Obsessions

More Crackle polish
Sometimes I realize I get hooked on certain things and that’s all I want to wear or all I want to purchase. I’m currently obsessed with the shatter/crackle nail polish and trying to find fantastic color combinations. Pictured above I’m wearing Rescue Beauty polish in Recycle layered with China Glaze Metallic Crackle in Tarnished Gold. I was calling this my Notre Dame mani since my father and cousins are an alum. I thought the green and gold was a really pretty contrast. I also realize I am obsessed and will probably have some sort of crackle mani/pedi all summer long.

Oh well!

Shadow Obsessed
Then the other day someone asked me what beauty product I’m obsessed with and I knew immediately that it was eye shadow. This is my shadow drawer and there’s another drawer that just has palettes of shadow. Everyday I try a new combination or rediscover a color I bought a while ago or was sent to me and get excited all over again.

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect green (although I’m pretty sure it will always be Bare Escentuals Oz) and I love a good blue. Turquoise, cobalt, teal…if it’s blue I’ll wear it.

Those are my beauty obsessions, what are yours?

0 thoughts on “My Current Obsessions

  1. I keep seeing this crackle nail polish but have yet to pick up a bottle. Love the way the gold crackle looks here! Now I just need to find some of this near me and pick a color. LOL – Katy

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