Searching for Inspiration | Pinterest

I have always considered myself an artist. I sketch, sometimes I paint, I take pictures, I design, I like to be in a creative mood and space all the time. I’ve been like that forever, always drawing and painting on anything I could get hands on when I was little (sorry, Mom for carving my name in that end table…).

My house is colorful and by no means ordinary and the walls are covered in artwork and color and I’m always searching for more. I couldn’t see it being any other way. Color energizes me and revives my creative spirit.

Lately I’ve been in this in between state, not knowing what I want to do next. Do I want to take pictures, what should I photograph? What should I draw? What should I blog about? Well, Pinterest has become such a source of inspiration and excitement for me. I love pinning items that I see and love (and I sometimes use that as a way to tag items to talk about on the blog later) and I love discovering someone new or a new site I’ve never heard of before. Plus I love all of the color and creativity that other folks share, it’s such a unique concept!

So do you Pinterest? And if not, where do you pull for sources of inspiration?

0 thoughts on “Searching for Inspiration | Pinterest

  1. Love Pinterest! Inspiring and always puts me in a good mood when I browsing thru my boards and other peoples…it’s a virtual corkboard!

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