Makeup Nostalgia

When I was a little girl I never really dreamed about what my wedding would be like or who I would marry. I always remember wanting to get my hands on my mother’s eye shadow palette and wondering when she’d let me wear lipstick. I remember most of my first makeup purchases:

  • First lipstick: An irredescent pink bought at a Walgreens in Ohio.
  • First lipgloss: Watermelon with a marbelized color that came in a stick form at the drugstore. I think the brand was maybelline.
  • First eyeliner: Green, Wet & Wild (my favorite color is green…of course I didn’t choose black)
  • First mascara: Green, Maybelline Great Lash

And the list goes on.

Makeup Flashback
So when I was the CVS yesterday afternoon and I saw the original Maybelline Great Lash in Green and Teal as limited editions, I grabbed them immediately.When I was 16 and wearing mascara I didn’t have the makeup skills that I have now. I doubt that I will apply it as liberally and heavily as I did straight from the tube (I’m pretty sure my green lashes were shocking). Instead, I’m going to layer the green over a coat of black mascara just for fun. The teal might go straight on my lashes though to really make my brown eyes pop.

Oh I love it when I get a blast from my beauty past. Who remembers what their first makeup purchase was? Share!

0 thoughts on “Makeup Nostalgia

  1. Oh gosh! I love this post 🙂

    This reminded me of when I was in 9th grade (when I first started getting into make-up), and those Lancome Juicy Tube lip glosses were HUGE! I just had one, but I wanted to be like the girls that had five or six, I even knew some girls that had all of them! Do they even still make those lip glosses? Hmm…

  2. Omigod, when I was in middle school we would do one eye with green and one eye with blue. Green shadow, green liner, green Great Lash, same for the other eye. Oh memories!

  3. Crazy, but I think Maybelline’s Great Last was one of my first makeup purchases. Before that, I was only allowed to wear Lip Smackers, but I’d line my lips with cheapie liner from the local beauty supply. So when I was able to move up to Maybelline and other drugstore brands, I really thought I’d hit it big!

  4. Funny, but I feel like I’m the only one who’s not familiar with this mascara (I’ve always been a L’Oreal mascara girl). Teal happens to be my favorite color, so I guess that means I’ll be running out to my nearest CVS to see if they sell that teal mascara. I hope they do! Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. My first was cover girl. I always had a hard time picking the right colors but it was always fun to buy different products and try them out. My big hair far out did the makeup I got to wear. Remember big hair?

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