How to Accessorize | White Denim

Happy Monday! I spent the weekend hanging with Jess (fresh from her last 6 weeks in a new city) and cooking for my Mom. She broke her ankle and I’m trying to give her some home cooked food and help make her life a bit easier. I’ve also checked a few things off of my 33 in 33 for 33 list. I’ve decided I’ll post about those in chunks as I do them. But I did buy a new tripod and I went out on Saturday night and had dinner with friends I haven’t seen in forever so I took pics of my outfit…that’s 3 things on the list. Woohoo!
White Jeans and Ruffles

Remember when I said I wanted to get a pair of white jeans? Well my pair from Target were on clearance the other week and I picked up a pair for $10!! I love it when I score a bargain. We’ve been going through a crazy heat wave and temperatures feeling like they’re 100+ but on Saturday night I was meeting friends in Annapolis by the water for dinner. I decided I’d pull out the white jeans and finally give them a spin.
White Jeans and Ruffles
I paired my jeans with a lavendar ruffled top that I’ve had since last summer and my nude sandals. For accessories I added more color with a light turquoise Liz Claiborne satchel I’ve had for years (the handle is starting to peel…not happy about that) and then some brown bangles with a shimmering green bangle I made that afternoon for a bit more color. In hindsight I realized I should’ve put on my light turquoise Lady Collection Swatch watch but I had been wearing my white Swatch all day and never changed. Oh well.

Whenever my husband likes my outfit he tells me I look like a Real Housewife of PG County and he said that to me when I came down the stairs Saturday night. That’s his new way of giving me his stamp of approval. Since it was later in the evening and we were by the water I wasn’t hot in white denim at all. I was also proud of not spilling a drop of dinner, drinks or the ice cream cone I ate walking around Annapolis with friends. Hopefully I can keep my white jeans nice and clean all summer long.

So how do you style your white jeans? Do you go neutral? Pastel? Or really bright pops of color?

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