How To Accessorize | Little Details

Little Details
Today my outfit is pretty plain, a dark grey scoop neck and a black pencil skirt. Although I went for basics, I decided I needed to punch up the outfit a bit. How do I add some pizazz to basics? By adding color with my accessories.

My outfit is essentially a blank canvas,so I decided to add my Miz Mooz Enya slingbacks in my favorite shade of green! Why not? Green always makes me happy. When I bought these green slingbacks in the spring I couldn’t decide between the bright blue or the green but in the end, green always wins out with me.

Little Details
For lots and lots of layers of color I decided to triple wrap up my very color stand of pearls. Whenever I wear this necklace I end up changing the way I wear the pearls throughout the day. In the morning they start out as a triple strand and by the end of the day they’re a double strand that I’ve knotted. They’re just so fun. One of the best jewelry buys I’ve ever added to my closet.
Little Details
And since I don’t have pierced ears, I usually throw on a bracelet. Especially since the summer is all about baring your arms. This is a batch of a few of my DIY bangles that I love so much. I’ve even started exploring making beads with the polymer clay so I’m sure you’ll see more creations soon. I love this emerald green bangle in the middle, it has a cool shimmer to it and with the glossy topcoat it really pops.

Now I’ve kicked up some boring basics just by adding a bit of color. So how do you spice up your neutrals?

What I’m Wearing: Shoes, Miz Mooz Enya (currently on sale) | Pearls, TJ Maxx | Bracelets, DIY

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