Kitchen Upgrade | Fiestaware


When I was in college, the only things I thought about buying were makeup, clothes and dinners out with my girlfriends. I never thought there would be a day when I would browse for double ovens (which are quite expensive), flooring and dishes. Well, the days have come and I’ve realized that’s just part of what makes me a grown up. I’m excited because this weekend I took the plunge and replaced the dishes I registered for when I got married (tear) and bought FIESTAWARE!

If you’re not familiar with Fiestaware or Fiesta as it is called, it is a series of ceramic dishes glazed in bright colors. The best thing about Fiestaware to me is that you can mix and match so many colors and you know how much I love color!

This weekend I picked up 8 place settings in peacock (a bright teal), sunflower (yellow), lemongrass (lime), shamrock (grassy green), plum (dark purple), cobalt (dark blue), scarlet (red), tangerine (orange).

Macy’s is currently having a buy 1 get 1 free sale for the 4 piece and 5 piece place settings, which is a pretty good deal. The husband and I also plan to drive to Kentucky in Septmeber and are going to stop at the Fiestaware outlet to pick up platters, bowls and other serving dishes for cheap. I feel like this pop of color really does perk up my already sunny kitchen. And who knew I’d ever get this excited about buying dishes? 

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