Update #1 | 33 in 33 for 33

And we’re back to our regularly scheduled blogging. How was your weekend? Mine was nothing that I expected it to be but still great. All of my plans got cancelled but I just ended up hanging out with my husband all weekend long, which was fantastic. I also thought I’d give you an update on a few of the items in my #33in33for33 challenge.

Here is the list:

  1. Knit a baby blanket for a friend
  2. Knit a scarf for my Mom
  3. Finish a project from knitting class (cowl or fingerless gloves)
  4. Sew a simple skirt with fabric in my stash
  5. Sew a zippered bag with fabric in my stash
  6. Sew a new camera strap for my camera with fabric in my stash
  7. Experiment with polymer clay making beads for a necklace
  8. Buy a new tripod for my camera
  9. Take pictures of a monument at night
  10. Focus on learning more about lighting for photography
  11. Take more pictures in black and white
  12. Take 1 (at least) outfit photo a week for the blog
  13. Go to spinning class twice a week
  14. Only eat French fries once a week
  15. Ride my bike
  16. Take a trampoline class
  17. Go to the driving range
  18. Play at least 9 holes of golf
  19. Bake something new
  20. Bake something for my office
  21. Cook a vegetable I’ve never tried before
  22. Eat a fruit I’ve never tried before
  23. Buy fruits and veggies at the local farm around the corner
  24. Send a dozen postcards to friends to say ‘I love you’
  25. Have dinner with a girlfriend I don’t hang out with often
  26. Hang out with someone new
  27. Read a book
  28. Read a magazine cover to cover
  29. Get a dessert stone massage
  30. Do not buy any makeup
  31. Watch season 1 of Mad Men on Netflix
  32. Print copies of my favorite photos
  33. Finish the gallery wall of images in my living room

I’ve struck 6 items all the list thus far and I have a lot more things in the works.
Bike Ride
This weekend the husband and I drove over to East Potomac Park in Washington, DC and he ran the 3.1 mile loop and I rode my bike. I haven’t been on my bike in years (it was in my sister’s storage unit for the last 5 years) but I finally dusted her off and took her for a spin. I will admit, everyone was passing me and I do not look cute in a helmet but I was happy that I went for a ride. I think I’ll be going for more bike rides while my husband is training for a marathon.
Lacy Cowl
I also finished one of my knitting projects from my Stitch DC Knitting 201 Class this weekend. YAY! This is a lacey cowl and I used a yarn that changes color. I love the pattern and how it came out and I only had to start it over 4 times, which is way better than my last project.
farmers market salad
I also finally bought fresh produce at Millers Farm for the last two weekends in a row. It is such a cute place and they have a shop connected to the grocery with homemade ice cream and pies. I also bought squash and cooked it for the first time for my Mom.
That’s technically crossing one of the items off my list, cooking a new vegetable even though I’ve eaten squash before. Hey, I’m trying to find a way to cram it all in!

So that’s a bit of what I did this weekend, what’d you do?

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