Say Hello to My Little Friend

My little friend
When I buy jewelry I like to pick up pieces that are unique and sometimes unusual. I wore a Swarovski crystal pear for years and everyone always wondered why a pear?! I just thought it was pretty but I was asked about it all the time.
My little friend
A few weeks ago I wandered in the to the Fossil store at the National Harbor and found the ‘Leap Frog’ Necklace on their spinning display of necklaces and charms. For $32 (way less than my Swarovski pear was years ago) I scooped up the frog and have been wearing it non-stop. Unfortunately, this necklace isn’t avaialble on their website anymore, but I did see a quite charming owl pendant that was just as cute. I know I wear a lot of statement jewelry but sometimes the little pieces can make just as big an impact as the bigger ones. I’m surprised at how many people have realized it’s a frog and complimented me on it!

So what types of jewelry do you like to buy? Unusual? Quirky? Statement pieces? Traditional?

0 thoughts on “Say Hello to My Little Friend

  1. Oh this little froggy is too sweet! Love it!

    I like to buy pieces that scream HELLO to people from across the street. Big, bold, shiny, modern. However lately I have been drawn to more unique, vintage-inspired or actually vintage pieces that whisper, but still have much strength.

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