How to Accessorize | Mad Men Style via Target

Mad Men
I checked another thing off of my 33 in 33 for 33 list and finished the first season of Mad Men on Netflix last night. I liked the clothes and the furniture (I think my tastes are late fifties and sixties) but I hated the racism and chauvinism. I also think Don Drapper and nutty as a fruit cake and do not understand his appeal but they got me with the finale so I’ll be watching season 2.
Mad Men
I seriously loved the wardrobe though of Mad Men and there are numerous outfits they had that I would wear today. Perhaps that has a slight inspiration behind what I’m wearing today? I’ve seen the Mad Men Collection from Banana Republic and I wasn’t wowed, so I haven’t felt the need to run out and buy any of it (plus it is quite expensive). Instead I found my style at Target.

Let me say that a lot of times I put my makeup on before I get dressed and that dictates what I wear. Today I was in the mood for a little Ruby Woo red lip and when you’re wearing Ruby Woo that dictates everything about your outfit.
Mad MenI picked this dress up from Target on the clearance rack for $10 a few weeks ago and I think it is the perfect summer gingham dress. I did replace the belt with a light blue leather Talbots belt I picked up at TJ Maxx and added a coral and turquoise bracelet, a grey cropped sleeve cardigan and my navy blue cork sandals.

I think one of my favorite things about this dress are the little flowers on my left shoulder, they’re a sweet little touch to a simple gingham dress. I can also wear this without the belt and a pair of thongs for the weekend to dress it down. I love cotton dresses, they’re just so light and breezy and feel so good this time of year when the weather is up and down.

So today’s wardrobe is inspired by Mad Men, what’s your outfit inspired by today?

What I’m Wearing: Dress, Target (out of stock) | Cardigan, NY & Co | Belt, Talbots | Sandals, DSW | Bracelet, Street Vendor in San Francisco | Watch, Swatch

0 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | Mad Men Style via Target

    • Gabriella, I mainly watch it for the fashion, the decor is nice too. I’m on the fence about it but the end of season one caught me off guard so I’m going to see how season 2 is.

  1. Ha! My bf and I started watching Mad Men on Saturday. I have the same feeling as you. I’m on the fence and yet I keep watching. By Episode 5, we were still saying we don’t understand the hype, but kept letting it roll on. I’m looking at Season 2 Episode 1 as I type this. Lol.

    • Thank you very much, Lori. I try to do at least one outfit post a week. I think that’s what most people want to see but it’s a bit tough to keep up!

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