Beauty Upgrade | Crown Brush

Crown Brushes
In 2008 my mother upgraded my makeup brushes as my big Christmas gift. I was elated and have used them well and really taken care of them. As I’ve gone to the Makeup Show every year for the last 3 years, I’ve slowly picked up a brush or two to add to my collection whenever I hit the Crown Brush booth. At the last Makeup Show I picked up couple of the Italian Badger brushes and decided at some point I need to just upgrade my entire set of brushes to these because they’re luxurious.
Crown Brushes
On Monday Crown Brush tweeted use code Crown15 to get 15% off an order and I decided now was the time to upgrade. I picked up 16 brushes, for $60 (that included shipping). That’s not a typo, I said I paid $60 for 16 brushes and these are top of the line, completely luxurious makeup brushes. Applying my powder never felt so dreamy before.

A lot of your makeup application is in the tools that you use. Crappy brushes will apply your makeup poorly, so I have always tried to get the best brushes I could afford and I love that Crown Brush really makes makeup brushes affordable. The last time I went to the Makeup Show I bought 3 girlfriends new brushes that they asked for and they were impressed by the price and the quality, I’ve never been let down. I highly recommend Crown Brush if you’re looking to upgrade your pieces, they have a wide range of brushes and the prices cannot be beat.

Have you splurged and bought new brushes? What’s your favorite brand to buy your brushes from?

0 thoughts on “Beauty Upgrade | Crown Brush

  1. What does “Italian badger” mean? It’s not actually animal fur?

    As you can see I don’t know much about brushes. I have BE brushes, and one I got for free that’s another brand but still great quality. I try to take care of them because I want them to last as long as they can!

  2. I’ve never splurged on brushes but should because I have heard the same – quality brushes will improve the appearance just like crappy will help appear poorly.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. They are real animal hair. Brushes are either made of animal hair or synthetic fibers. Animal fur can make great brushes but not all are created alike and you must take good care of them and wash them with a mild soap (like a face wash) every 1-2 months. Synthetic brushes can be just as soft or softer and can last even longer if cared for properly. I prefer synthetic brushes for the most part because they don’t harbor bacteria and they tend to stay softer longer.

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