Hello, Lover {New Shoes Alert}

Early birthday gift The other weekend I was in Macy’s with my sister and a girlfriend of mine and I showed them the Vincent Camuto Motion pump. They’re bright blue gorgeousness. And to my surprise, my girlfriend gave them to me yesterday as an early birthday gift.

I have wonderful friends. This was such an unexpected and wonderful gift and I can’t wait to wear them!

And speaking of birthdays…

Yesterday on Pinterest I saw Geronimo Balloons on the Real Simple magazine blog. Very cool how they’ve styled a balloon but the starting price is $55 and up. Um…it’s a 36 inch latex balloon and some trim and ribbon for a string. If Hurricane Irene doesn’t act up too much this weekend I may attempt to get some 36 inch balloons from Party City and style them up myself and take a few pictures. I’ll let you know how that goes. I refuse to pay $100 for a balloon. Seriously.

0 thoughts on “Hello, Lover {New Shoes Alert}

  1. LOVE the shoes, that color is perfect, what great friends you have!! 🙂

    And I am a HUGE fan of those balloons, they are pretty awesome, but not $100 per balloon awesome! It would be fun making your own.

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  4. I’m happy that you liked them. I love the color (its says Dana) and I’m glad that I could make you smile. Happy birthday.

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