Surviving the Hurricane & Baseball

Let them have cookie cake
Monday is here already and I feel like my weekend was spent waiting in anticipation for a hurricane to blast my house. We did get ridiculously strong winds and TONS of water but aside from a leak in my front window that was very small, we survived. I didn’t complete the items on the 33 in 33 for 33 list like I wanted to (I was afraid I would lose power so I never pulled out my sewing machine) but I did spend a lot of my weekend laughing with my sister and husband eating a lot of cookie cake (pictured above). We figured we needed to bake a cookie cake before the power went out because that would be a crucial staple in our hurricane rations. And it was good.
4th of July Nats Game
Tonight I’m going to my third baseball game in 3 weeks – how in the world did I get suckered into this?! The Yankees are playing the Orioles and my husband is a Brooklyn boy who loves the Yankees and when our friends in Baltimore said they were buying tickets he immediately said sign us up. Fortunately, I really like those friends in Baltimore, so I’m sure I’ll have a night filled with laughter.

My posting may be sporadic this week. Tomorrow is my big bday and I’m getting ready to take a vacation all next week, so be patient with me if posts aren’t as frequent.

I hope you’re having a great Monday and tell me how you survived Hurricane Irene.

0 thoughts on “Surviving the Hurricane & Baseball

  1. I live in the Caribbean, so I kind of laughed when I saw how people were bracing themselves. Imagine what would happen if they get category 5’s like we do. That cookie cake looks so yummy.

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