How to Accessorize | My Birthday Suit

Birthday suit
I thought I’d give you a quick post about what I wore for my birthday yesterday. I decided that 33 is going to be really jam packed with color and sparkle so yesterday I went for a color explosion.
Birthday suit
I kind of love this entire outfit. It made me feel so girly. I was inspired by Fabulously Average’s post with a lovely pleated skirt. So I decided I needed to finally make my first purchase from Asos and I bought this pleated skirt from Asos and had a discount code so I paid about $25 for it. YAY! It paired perfectly with this silky bubble tank I picked up a few weeks ago on sale at Filene’s Basement (I’ve decided I need more colorful and feminine blouses to pair with all of my cardigans). I added a silver snakeskin belt and a soft lime green cardigan just so I wouldn’t be so bare at work. And because the back of my tank is actually a very vivid bright blue jersey, I had to put on my new blue shoes.
Birthday suit
A birthday outfit needs to be worn with birthday shoes, right? So fun and flirty. I did wear Kelly green ballet flats though for the commute – I am not going to walk the streets of DC in 4 inch heels. My accessories were minimal, 2 bangles and a vintage watch turned into a necklace that my husband also gave me for my birthday. Yesterday was a great day, I loved all the comments, tweets and I got a lot of Facebook messages and I definitely felt the love.

So for 33 I’m going colorful and sparkly, what are you going to be wearing this year?

What I’m Wearing: Cardigan, Courtesy of August Silk | Top, Filene’s Basement | Skirt, Asos | Shoes, Vincent Camuto (birthday gift) | Necklace (birthday gift) | Bracelets, J Crew Outlet

0 thoughts on “How to Accessorize | My Birthday Suit

  1. I love the shoes, (always my downfall) those would even look cute with jeans. The skirt very pretty and I really like the way you used your sweater to bring out the little bits of green from the blouse.

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