Football Food

Football Food

Last week the husband and I went to Louisville, Kentucky to visit some friends. We love these friends for lots of reasons, but one of them is that they love to cook as much I do. So while we were there, Adam decided to experiment and he fried up corn tortillas made tortilla chips! BRILLIANT! Why have we not done this sooner? Football Food

You cut up the tortillas into 4-8 even triangles (I cut them in varying sizes but in the future if I buy the small tortillas again I’ll just do it in 4’s since they weren’t that big) and then fry them for a minute or until they get golden brown in about a half inch of oil. Football Food

Let the oil drain off on a plate with a napkin and then sprinkle with sea salt while hot.

Football Food

OMG! These are so good. So of course this meant we had to make homemade nachos yesterday in honor of the return of football. I’m not a football fan but my husband is a huge enough fan for the 2 of us. We also have an agreement that as long as he gets all the stuff we need for the house done, I’ll leave him a lone for the rest of the day on Sunday to watch football and lounge in his basement. I actually don’t mind it and he gets him to chill out (which is rare) and I typically spend the entire Sunday in the kitchen.

Football Food

So I made salsa (another recipe I stole from our friends in Louisville) with some really ripe Roma tomatoes, cilantro, onion, lime juice and salt.

Football Food

I made a ton of guacamole.

Football Food

I slow roasted pork AND made some really delicious taco meat.

Football Food

And then we layered it all up with cheese and sour cream and I made the best nachos ever. I think I’ll be frying up our own tortilla chips from now on and we have the Burns family to thank for the idea. YUM!

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