Shoe Mecca | Zappos Outlet

While I was in Louisville I asked my friends if we could go to the Zappos Fulfillment Center/ Shoe Outlet and they happily obliged me. This my friends, is like shoe mecca for me. I’m already a huge fan of Zappos (I’m a VIP) and I browse regularly for deals and steals. To my surprise the entire store is already 50% off and if you get a red tag, items are 60% off. Add in the fact that it was Labor Day weekend and I got an additional 20% off my total purchase. I wanted to faint.
Here's hoping my yellow shoes will perk up my morning
I’ve been a fan of Swedish Hasbeen clogs for a while, but their prices are not my favorite. I was of course tickled pink when I found this adorable yellow pair and I snagged them for about $40. I also picked up these Steve Madden loafers for $40 as well. I think I’m going to be loafered up for fall, I’m in the mood for new flats and loafers are fitting the bill.

The biggest bargain of the day though was my husband. He picked up a nice pair of Steve Madden leather loafers for $19 and then he sat on the couch waiting for me while I tried on endless pairs of shoes. I really restrained myself, there were lots of shoes that I could’ve bought but I decided I only need to buy things that I love and will really wear. So the loafers and the yellow sandals won out (despite the fact that my husband hated the yellow sandals…oh well). This outlet alone is enough to get me to go back to Louisville.

So have any of you found any great places to score a bargain? Do tell!

0 thoughts on “Shoe Mecca | Zappos Outlet

  1. I had NO idea that there was a Zappos outlet, but now I am determined to go there soon! And that is quite the steal for Swedish Hasbeen clogs! Those Steve Madden loafers are too cute, too!

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