The Dog Days Are Over | Can I Get Some Help?

There is a really crisp chill in the air this morning in DC, I could have worn a jacket on top of my cardigan this morning. And last night at 7:30pm it was dark outside. Ugh…summer is leaving me (hence the picture of my favorite Betsey Johnson sunglasses above).

As the weather is getting colder I’m starting to think about the Gift Guide and what I want to do or if I’m planning on doing it again this year. I’ve got a lot of projects and ideas buzzing around in my head right now and it would help if I could get your opinions, comments, suggestions.

Please comment below this post or email me ( what you want to see in a Gift Guide, if you want the Gift Guide to return, what you liked or didn’t like about previous issues, etc. I need to know so that I can get to work on what is coming up next.

And thanks everyone in your patience with my not so normal posting, I’m just trying to work out a lot of things on the back end that I hope you will all enjoy.

0 thoughts on “The Dog Days Are Over | Can I Get Some Help?

  1. I want to see a gift guide you always do a wonderful job at it! I’d like to see what to buy your spouse I always have a hard time with that I never get it quite right.

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