Tassels, Fringe & Fire

Tassels & Fringe
I have been picking up new shoes for fall, replacing old worn out pairs and really trying to add things that I love and not just impulse buys. My last three purchases are above, all on sale at $50 or less (YAY!) but I’m noticing a trend. I keep leaning towards tassels and fringe. Perhaps this is my preppy fall?
Demolition Derby
On a completely different note, this weekend I went to my very first Demolition Derby. If you’ve never been, it’s an experience. My boss, a mother of 3, has been competing in them for 12 years and I thought she might be insane and cool all wrapped into one. Of course when I go to the derby it isn’t the normal event and there was a car fire! I actually caught it on camera. Don’t worry, no one was hurt but it was kind of insane to see.

So what did you see this weekend?

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